The Hidden Fashion Library

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STATEROOMS – EXHIBITION VIEWS © gangart   STATEROOMS – EXHIBITION VIEWS © Nina Kreuzinger. For hi-res scans please get in contact   TABLES & SHELVES © gangart   MAGAZINES © Elke Gaugele   ENTRANCE © gangart   EXHIBITION OPENING ON 26 APRIL 2017 © Maximilian Pramatarov   TALK ON 28 APRIL 2017 © Naa Teki Lebar  


  EXHIBITION Curators: Elke Gaugele and Monica Titton Space: gangart / Simonetta Ferfoglia and Heinrich Pichler Assistance: Eszter Korodi, Pia Elisa Nagl, Andreas Titton Constructions: Stefan Rehbichler Interventions: Alexander Schwarz, Buta Dolidze Foto Documentation: gangart, Elke Gaugele, Nina Kreuzinger, Naa Teki Lebar   Guests: Helen Jennings (, Kenneth Ize (fashion designer), Arne Eberle (OE magazine) and Philippe Pourhashemi (fashion journalist)   Foto-Prints: Foto Leutner Lasercut: Zill Lasertechnik Tea: Demmers Teehaus   Take Festival: Marlene Agreiter and Camille Boyer (AFA), ElvyraRead More


  Defying the haphazard abundance of digital images, the uniformity of transnational media corporations and the swansongs to print journalism, a plethora of independent, globally connected magazines that eschew the received categories and orders of fashion are being launched from Beirut to Berlin, from Penang to Lima. A new materiality of fashion media production is emerging. It questions and interrupts imperialist spatial orders and hegemonic orders of knowledge – those of fashion as well as those of the exhibition site,Read More

Magazine of Magazines

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The approximately 50 magazines of the Hidden Fashion Library take a decentralized perspective on the operating system of fashion, be it geographically, soci-economically, aesthetically. With this exhibition, their critical potentials are enhanced in contrasting them with the eclectic interieurs of the staterooms in the Belle Etage of Vienna’s former post administration center, the Alte Post (*), a typical Ringstrassen-environment from early 20th century. The Schönbrunn-style hall and a salon, which appears to be constructed around a flattering portrait of EmperorRead More


© Naa Teki Lebar   Opening Event of the Austrian Center for Fashion Research 26 April, 18.30 with participation of: Andrea B. Braidt – Vice Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Sabine Pollak – Vice Rector of the University for Design Linz, Elke Gaugele – Head of the Austrian  Center for Fashion Research     Exhibition Opening 26 April, 19.30     Workshop with Students of the Department Fashions and Styles / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 26Read More