Season Zine

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SEASON is a cross between a fashion magazine and a football zine. Named after the shared time division, it reveals the experiences and rituals of fashion and football fans. Their perspectives on the world’s most popular sport are explored in thoughtful and intimate ways, focusing on why these fans care and what they wear. Featuring interviews, essays, photography and more from up-and-coming creatives, SEASON aims to kick off a dialogue acknowledging how modern football and fashion play into each other.


Based in: Paris



Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Felicia Pennant
Design: Natalie Doto
Writing: Rachel Grace Almeida, Tallulah Bullock, Valentine Cinier, Tomie Kawakami Savaget, Sian Rowe, Natasha Wynarczyk
Styling: Fleur Bellanger, Riccardo Mattocks-Mattwell Photography: Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer, Alice Jacquemin, Rich Maciver, Anna Michell
Ilustration: Charlotte Trounce

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