i like my style

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The first user generated fashion magazine: Fashion, Design, Do It Yourself. Exists now in 2017 as an online platform: There is nothing more exciting for an artist than to overcome his nature and learn new things and concepts. In order to fulfill this never accomplished dream of all creators and art designers in the entire world, the I Like My Style community has been created. Established since 1999, by some of the most important art designers from that time, it has been considered even from its beginnings, a community with a very high social impact towards the newly created directions and events to be planned.


Based in: Berlin

Published since: 2010



Publisher: ilikemystyle Quarterly GmbH, Eva Munz, Adriano Sack Creative Director:
Editor-in-Chief: Eva Munz & Adriano Sack
Art Director: Judith Banham
Managing Editor: Michael Ladner
Editors: Martin Cho, Alexa Karolinski, Nika Scheidemandel Copy Editors: Sam Cate-Gumbert, Jessica Dorrance



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