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DASH is a biannual fashion print with a new concept of visual language specialising in illustration, particularly in fashion art. Its focus lies in the journalistic genre of fashion reporting and illustration as an art form. Founded in 2012 to fill a gap in the fashion media market – which is saturated with prints featuring identical press images – DASH introduces a surprising visual experience by showcasing fashion art and not shying away from an unconventional approach, fresh and smart. DASH believes in the use of fashion illustration and all that remains to be done is giving it the platform it deserves. Fashion illustration is an art form in its own right and with DASH we celebrate its strong beauty and aim to give creative talents a way to showcase, and thus gain exposure, for their work.The primary aim is to provide a unique aesthetic experience for visually aware and fashion conscious people in a print medium distributed worldwide. With many collaborators per issue, DASH pursues the social purpose of establishing a community of creation. DASH Magazine is distributed worldwide by Pineapple Media as well as during international fashion weeks with kind support from various PR agencies.


Based in: London

Published since: 2012


Art Director: Friederike Hamann Editor-in-Chief: NoéMie Schwaller Editor: Harald Weiler



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