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Highly-curated, concept-driven work is the visual approach to all of Teeth’s captivating content. Featuring talents from an international spectrum, Teeth’s online and print platforms present a visually-striking amalgamation of crisp colour tones, structured lighting and shadows, organic colours and textures, and a provocative, minimalist aesthetic. Each work highlights thematic artistry, bringing an unsurpassable degree of raw intimacy and honesty into fashion and style media. For each print issue, every piece is hand-selected, commissioned and curated to engage its audience and create a linear vision that intermingles and builds on one another to create a dynamic dialogue between Fashion, Art, Music, and Culture. As each piece unfolds, the reader navigates through a rich lexicon of film-only photography that pioneers a fresh perspective on today’s editorial-focused image landscape.


Based in: London


Editor-in-Chief: Devin Duckworth
Creative Director: Devin Duckworth & Camilla Sverdrup-Thygeson Graphic Design: She Was Only



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