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Brownbook is a bimonthly magazine that acts as an urban guide to the Middle East and North Africa. The magazine has endured a decade within its field, researching hundreds of cities in the region and Arab diasporas around the world. Over the ten years of publishing, the magazine in its own pace has gone through radical editorial and design changes, but maintained its stand first as an observer of the region’s urban evolution. The magazine focuses on three main genres; Interviews, Architecture & Cities. Brownbook also publishes collaborative books with regional institutions and produces film series hosted on and other platforms.


Based in: Dubai

Published since: 2006



Publisher: Ahmed Bin Shabib Editor-in-Chief: Rashid Bin Shabib Editor: Natasha Stallard Writer: John Burns
Art Editor: Mira Mortada Creative Director: Samia Kallidis Designer: Moylin Yuan

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