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A5 Magazine is an independent art and design magazine. It functions as a printed gallery, presenting in each issue a themed exhibition, featuring artists from around the globe. A5 Magazine celebrates the print media, providing a highly aesthetic experience: each issue is unique with a specially created graphic look. Keren Gafni, Golan Gafni and Tali Green, the three graphic designers, are motivated by the desire to create, explore and exhibit, sharing their great love to art and print.


Based in: Tel Aviv

Published since: 2007



Editors & Designers: Keren Gafni & Golan Gafni (Studio Keren & Golan: www.01k.com), Tali Green
The Island issue
This issue is published in collaboration with “LaCulture Initiative for Affordable Art”
Co-editors: Itay Blaish, David Pearl
Cover illustrations: Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919)
Print: A.R. Printing Ltd, Tel Aviv
Font: Simpler by HaGilda



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