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Whitelies Magazine is a contemporary manual for the modern creative class longing for a timeless and sustainable approach on art, fashion and culture. The intent of Whitelies Magazine is to challenge the readers with cutting edge, thought-provoking content while allowing them to rest within an uncontaminated vision. Whitelies Magazine creates the freedom to embrace unconventional concepts and ideas without trying to please the masses. A rise against the superficiality in fashion, photography and art to get back to the true value of artistry. Whitelies Magazine drives against the rapid changing seasonal landscape in fashion and showcases timeless design.


Based in: Berlin



Publisher, Editor-in-Chief & Fashion Director: Stefan Dotter Publisher & Creative Director: Oliver Schleith
Publisher & Sales Direction: Robin Juchems
Editors at large: Katharina Korbjuhn & Katja Horvat Fashion Editor: Anas Koubaiti
Contributing Editors: Chayenne Tulsa, Anja Dotter & Marina Lepori



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