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BORN n BREAD are a Creative Agency that started out as a collective of friends, with a wide range of multiple disciplines such as: photography, videography, styling, creative direction and brand consultancy. BORN n BREAD possess the DIY mentality that catapulted them to create their own agency, by publishing their own zine. They have created three zines. BORN n BREAD never like to limit their ambitions and continue to grow, curating events with institutions like the Institute of Creative Arts, The Polyglot Societie, Victoria and Albert museum & Peckham Platform and brands such as Gap, Fila and Pum Pum Socks.

As well as hosting a bi-monthly music and lifestyle radio show on the independent radio station NTS, where they regularly interview artists, they host IRL events and DJ for other events such as Work It, Cotch International and also establishments such as Tate Modern & Peckham Springs.


Based in: London

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