Migrant Journal




MIGRANT JOURNAL explores the circulation of people, goods, information, but also fauna and flora, around the world and the transformative impact they have on space. While migration is part of humanity’s genesis, it seems the phenomenon has become ubiquitous, happening faster, with complex ramifications. MIGRANT aims at exploring the relationship between these elements, events, journeys and spaces bound under the idea of ‘migration’ in all its forms, crucial to understand today’s society. In order to break from the prejudices and clichés of migrants and migration, MIGRANT asks artists, journalists, academics, designers, architects, philosophers, activists and citizens to rethink our approach to migration and critically explore the new spaces it creates.

Based in: London

Published since: 2016


Editors: Catarina de Almeida Brito, Justinien Tribillon Co-Editors: Isabel Seiffert, Christoph Miler
Art Direction, Design, Photo Editing: Offshore-Studio – Isabel Seiffert, Christoph Miler
Color Profiles: Color Library
Typefaces: Migrant Grotesk by Offshore Studio – Isabel Seiffert, Christoph Miler; Akzidenz Grotesk by Günter Gerhard Lange


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