Texte zur Kunst

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XTE ZUR KUNST stands for controversial discussions and contributions by internationally leading writers on contemporary art and culture. Featuring ground-breaking essays, the quarterly journal – which was founded in Cologne in 1990 by Stefan Germer (†) and Isabelle Graw and has been published in Berlin since 2000 – offers interviews, roundtable discussions, and comprehensive reviews on art, film, music, the market, fashion, art history, theory, and cultural politics. In 2006,Texte zur Kunst began publishing a bilingual German/English main section. The magazine is jointly funded by ad revenue and by the sale of exclusive artists’ editions.


Based in: Berlin

Published since: 1990



Publisher & Executive Director: Isabelle Graw Editor-in-Chief: Caroline Busta
Editor: Anke Dyes
Editorial Design: Mathias Poledna in collaboration with Bärbel Messmann Layout: Sebastian Fessel
Design: Christian Doering & Maison Blessing



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