Thesis 1: Global Tales and Stories

2017-05-03 Theses

The names of independent fashion and style magazines unfold a narrative of global politics: migration, decolonization, casualization, diaspora, and hybrid identities.




„Realism – after poststructuralism and decolonization – presupposes a fractured, contestable narrative perspective. There is no longer a standpoint from which to definitively map particular, local stories in an overarching sequence, no narrative of human history, of enlightened progress, of economic development, or of a disseminating global system. In the early twenty-first century the grand, explanatory narratives have been decisively decentered.“

James Clifford: Returns. Becoming Indigenous in the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge/London: Harvard University Press, 2013, p. 41.



Re-Mastering the Old World

Sunrise Market


Boat Magazine

Migrant Journal

Diaspora Drama