Modes Pratiques-Revue d’histoire du vêtement et de la mode


A journal of clothing and fashion history. Created and supported by the Duperré School of Art and Design and the Septentrion Institute of historical research (IRHiS) of the University of Lille/CNRS, this new journal of the history of fashion is one of the first in France. The project is to produce a journal able to bring together historians, sociologists, anthropologists and observers from various backgrounds and actors in the world of fashion and clothing. The original Mode Pratique (Practical Fashion) magazine was in existence from around 1900. In a rather modest way, like its many competitors, it wanted to give its readers both the spirit of the times and patterns. Its sole singularity was that it produced dresses, also modest and in pieces that readers could then put together. One of these dresses is stored in the collection of the Paris Palais Galliera Museum of Fashion. Worn, mended and with pads added under the arms, it still bears the “brand name” of the magazine on a ribbon. In the plural, Modes Pratiques or Practical fashions, a journal of Clothing and Fashion History is not so different from the first project. The focus is on exceptional clothes as well as more everyday ones, on images and on the social aspect of clothes that are worn. The only change is that there is no longer a pattern. It has been replaced by participation from all the related fields. And if fashion is here considered to be ‘a social phenomenon’, clothes are also seen as economic, handmade or industrially produced, political, intimate even sexual.


Based in: Paris
Published since: 2015
Publisher: La revue Modes pratiques est le fruit de la collaboration entre l’IRHiS (Université de Lille 3) et l’`École Duperré à Paris.
Comité de rédaction: Gil Bartholeyns, Odile Blanc, Valérie Bourde, Manuel Charpy, Farid Chenoune, Sophie Kurkdjian, Lou Taylor, Corinne Legoy, Jean- Pierre Lethuillier, Thierry Maillet, Peter McNeil, Marjorie Meiss-Even, Gabriele Mentges, Clémence Mergy, Isabelle Paresys, Véronique Pouillard, Sarah Sekaly, Anne-Cécile Sonntag, Patrice Verdière.
Sécretariat de rédaction: Manuel Charpy et Patrice Verdière

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