Magazines & Artworks

Dapper Dan

  Dapper Dan is a men’s fashion and philosophy biannual with an own manifesto: We believe that a man’s style is something that derives from his own personality, not from ephemeral “trends”. We enjoy opinionated men. Men with a sense of purpose and a soul. Smart, intelligent and creative; men with ideas and ideology. Men who are their own men, who don’t fit others’ standards. Misfits? Yes. We don’t believe in negativity. We believe in revolution.   Based in: AthensRead More

System Magazine

System explores with style and substance the dialogues at the heart of the global fashion industry. Its biannual magazine offers exclusive long-format conversations with fashion’s most relevant, most powerful and most opinionated individuals, accompanied by portfolios created by the industry’s most in-demand image-makers. Exploring and commenting on fashion’s constantly shifting landscape, System is a platform for deep thoughts and real opinions – shared within the industry and, in turn, influencing the broader world.   Based in: London   Staff: Publisher:Read More

Modes Pratiques-Revue d’histoire du vêtement et de la mode

A journal of clothing and fashion history. Created and supported by the Duperré School of Art and Design and the Septentrion Institute of historical research (IRHiS) of the University of Lille/CNRS, this new journal of the history of fashion is one of the first in France. The project is to produce a journal able to bring together historians, sociologists, anthropologists and observers from various backgrounds and actors in the world of fashion and clothing. The original Mode Pratique (Practical Fashion)Read More


Whitelies Magazine is a contemporary manual for the modern creative class longing for a timeless and sustainable approach on art, fashion and culture. The intent of Whitelies Magazine is to challenge the readers with cutting edge, thought-provoking content while allowing them to rest within an uncontaminated vision. Whitelies Magazine creates the freedom to embrace unconventional concepts and ideas without trying to please the masses. A rise against the superficiality in fashion, photography and art to get back to the trueRead More


BORN n BREAD are a Creative Agency that started out as a collective of friends, with a wide range of multiple disciplines such as: photography, videography, styling, creative direction and brand consultancy. BORN n BREAD possess the DIY mentality that catapulted them to create their own agency, by publishing their own zine. They have created three zines. BORN n BREAD never like to limit their ambitions and continue to grow, curating events with institutions like the Institute of Creative Arts,Read More

Diaspora Drama

Diaspora Drama is a zine celebrating creative and offbeat people of colour with the overarching theme of the internet   Based in: London [Thesis 1]

Migrant Journal

  MIGRANT JOURNAL explores the circulation of people, goods, information, but also fauna and flora, around the world and the transformative impact they have on space. While migration is part of humanity’s genesis, it seems the phenomenon has become ubiquitous, happening faster, with complex ramifications. MIGRANT aims at exploring the relationship between these elements, events, journeys and spaces bound under the idea of ‘migration’ in all its forms, crucial to understand today’s society. In order to break from the prejudicesRead More

Boat Magazine

From Sarajevo to Reykjavik to Lima, Boat Magazine shines a different kind of light on cities with big stories to tell. Boat Magazine is an independent travel and culture publication that focuses on a different, inspiring city for each issue. For each issue, we physically move to the focus city for a few weeks setting up our studio and working with locals to create the content. The locals get to decide what they want the world to know about theirRead More

Sunrise Market

photographed by Sølve Sundsbø for Luncheon Magazine #3, Spring 2017 Cape by Duro Olowu Model: Grace Bol styled by Mattias Karlsson   [Thesis 1] Lightbox and photoprint for The Hidden Fashion Library realized by Foto Leutner / Vienna

Re-Mastering the Old World

from the Ikiré Jones archive, designed by Walé Oyéjidé Esq. Full-sized Scarf/Foulard. Hand-rolled & Made in Macclesfield, England. 100% silk, dimension 110 x 110cm [Thesis 1]